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Universal Recorder supported applications and browsers

  • Updated: 2022/09/28
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Universal Recorder supported applications and browsers

Use the Universal Recorder to record interactions with objects from the supported technologies.

  • HTML applications
  • Java applet, web start, and desktop applications that run using Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 (32-bit and 64-bit versions)

    See Recording tasks in applications that run on JRE.

  • Microsoft Active Accessibility and UI automation
  • Microsoft Silverlight version 5 (standard Microsoft controls only)
  • Oracle EBS and Forms
  • SAP versions 730, 740, 750 patch 9, 760 patch 5, and 770 patch 6
  • Citrix Virtual Apps
  • Electron
  • Google Chrome (versions 90 and earlier) for Manifest V2 extension

    To build and run bots that contain actions from the Recorder package, you must enable the Google Chrome extension that corresponds with the Recorder package version. See Google Chrome browser extension requirements.

    If you encounter an error when recording or running a bot that automates tasks in a Google Chrome browser and you have installed Google Chrome, you must perform additional steps to configure your system. See Google Chrome extension troubleshooting.

  • Internet Explorer (version 11)
  • Microsoft Edge (version 90 and earlier) for Manifest V2 extension
  • Microsoft Edge based on Chromium (versions 79 and later)
    Microsoft Edge is supported on Recorder package version 2.0.9-20201105-164103 and later. You must install the A2019 plug-in for Microsoft Edge and verify that it is running in the Task Manager: Automation 360 extension for Microsoft Edge
    Note: Ensure that the Google Chrome extension is not installed in the Microsoft Edge browser because that configuration causes recording and runtime errors. Google Chrome extension installed in Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox (versions 80 and later)

    Mozilla Firefox is supported on Recorder package version 2.0.11-20210128-034104 and later. You must install the A2019 extension for Mozilla Firefox: Automation 360 extension for Mozilla Firefox

The desktop refers to the device screen when all application and browser windows are minimized.
The taskbar is the horizontal or vertical bar containing icons of open applications and browsers, as well as the notification area. You can capture application, browser, and system icons, such as Clock and Calendar, volume, and Wi-Fi.
UI objects
See Actions performed on objects captured with Universal Recorder.
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