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Community Edition A2019.19 Release Notes

  • Updated: 2021/03/24
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Community Edition A2019.19 Release Notes

Release date: 05 February 2021

Review the new features in the Community Edition A2019.19 release (Build 8145).

Community Edition

Bot agent update: This release includes a required update to your Bot agent. Ensure that you complete the update to continue with your automation activities when upgrading from a previous release to this release.

Automatically update the Bot agent | Manually update the Bot agent

To verify which Bot agent version is compatible with this release, see Compatibility with Automation 360 builds.

New features
New features in Data Table package (Service Cloud case ID: 00656843, 00707635)
  • Use the Change column type action in the Data Table package to perform operations on the column of a data table. Use this action to change the column data type to Boolean, Datetime, Number, or String.
  • Sort the data in the data table in Number, Datetime, Boolean, or String format.

Data Table package

New action in App Integration package

Use the Capture scrollable text action to extract text from the selected window or any control within the selected window and save it to a variable. If you click any control within the window, then text from that specific control is extracted. If you click outside the window, then all the text from that window is extracted.

App Integration package

New encoding combo box option in Terminal Emulator for VT Series

To send and receive Japanese text, you can now use the Encoding and CodePage combo boxes when you connect to the Terminal Emulator for the VT series terminal type.

Using the Connect action

New actions in Active Directory package

Use the following actions in the Active Directory to automate a task:

New system variable for new line character (Service Cloud case ID: 00669232, 00672775, 00673578)

Use the $String:Newline$ system variable to add a new line character. This variable adds a new line character in various applications regardless of the operating system of the device.

Zero-size form for Enterprise A2019 (Service Cloud case ID: 00677611)

The Run action uses the zero-size form with name AAZeroSizeForm that can be used by DLLs to identify zero-size forms created by Enterprise A2019.

Enhancement to define parent path in Active Directory

When you establish a connection with an LDAP server, you can now select the LDAP path by connecting to the server.

Using the Connect action

Obtain information about Run-As user after bot deployment

Use the AATaskExecutor system variable to return the username, first name, last name, and email of the user that ran the bot. If the bot is deployed on an attended Bot Runner, this variable returns information about the logged-in user. If the bot is deployed by a trigger, this variable returns information about the user associated with that Bot Runner license.

System settings and parameters

Enhancements to the Recorder
  • Universal Recorder now supports object capture in Mozilla Firefox.

    You must install the A2019 extension from Mozilla Firefox browser add-ons.

  • Capture table, grid view, and main window objects from SAP applications.

Universal Recorder supported applications and browsers | Actions performed on objects captured with Universal Recorder

Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI)

New features
New filter task in the process editor

In the process editor, the Filter Task enables users to filter variables such as human or bot task output with a specific filter criterion.

Create an AARI process

New process task in the process editor

Use the new Process Task option in the process editor to call a subprocess within the main process. This feature enables you to separate tasks into different processes instead of including all the tasks in a single process. Multiple teams can now work at the same time on different tasks within the main process and remain segregated, without any conflicts.

Create an AARI process

Hide a task or view a hidden task

With a Bot Creator license, you can now perform the following:

  • Hide the display of human and bot tasks by selecting the Hide this task after completion option in the process editor.
  • View a hidden human or bot tasks by selecting the View hidden tasks option in the tasks view page.

Create an AARI process

Edit title in process editor

Users can now edit the title in the process editor.

Rich-text editor updates (web interface)

In the web interface, you can use rich-text editor features such as bold text, italics, underline, alignment, formatting, color, and size in tasks.

Table element updates (web interface)

In the web interface, the Table element now supports the use of date, number, drop-down, and text values in tasks.

Updates to elements in form builder

The form builder now includes the following new elements:

Enhancement to the Checkbox action trigger

If a form with a Checkbox element is used within a trigger loop package, you can now use the Value selected and Value unselected trigger actions.