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Automation 360 Bot Runner device requirements

  • Updated: 2022/09/07
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Install
    • RPA Workspace

Automation 360 Bot Runner device requirements

Review the machine hardware specifications, operating system versions, and browser types supported by Automation 360 Cloud for creating and running bots on a device. The same requirements are also valid for Automation 360 Community Edition.

Hardware requirements for registered devices

You communicate with the Control Room, through a registered local machine (device). Bot Creators and Bot Runners use the registered devices to create and run bots. Part of registering a device with Automation 360 is installing a Bot Agent.
Note: You cannot install a Bot Agent on a device with an existing Enterprise 10 or Enterprise 11 Enterprise Client.

The Bot Agent can be installed on devices that meet or are equivalent to the following hardware requirements:

Device Processor RAM Storage (free disk space) Network

Intel Core i3 2.6 GHz with 4 multi-cores or higher


  • 4 GB (Minimum)
  • 8 GB (Recommended)
32 GB

Add 100 through 150 KB per Automation Anywhere script

Add 40 through 50 GB per long-term project

  • 5Mbps (Minimum)
  • 20Mbps or higher (Recommended)
Additional users on a multi-user device 2 CPU per additional user 4 GB per additional user No additional storage required No additional network needed
Additional RAM requirements for the registered devices
Add additional RAM to account for applications and services running on the registered devices, for example:
  • Microsoft Office applications (example: Excel)
  • Browsers (example: Google Chrome)
  • Enterprise applications (example: CRM, Oracle EBS, and SAP)
  • VDI infrastructure applications
  • Anti-virus software
  • AISense Recorder
Additional disk space on registered devices
  • Automation 360 scripts average approximately 100-150 KB. Additional free disk space is required to develop automation projects because temporary files such as screenshots, server logs, and audit files are created during the execution of the automation scripts.
  • Free space required increases with the project size. Recommendation: Have at least 40-50 GB of free disk space for each long-term project.
  • Increase storage space configuration after installation, as needed, depending on product usage. For example, depending upon the complexity of your bot, generating log files and logic creation require additional disk space later.

Additional CPU or processor on registered devices