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Control Room Fail-Safe status

  • Updated: 4/03/2020
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Install
    • RPA Workspace

Control Room Fail-Safe status

When the Control Room is unable to connect to the license server, it moves into Fail-Safe status.

With respect to the Control Room license server database, the Control Room can be in one of three status states. These states indicate what user licensing actions can be done. With each state change, an entry is made in the audit log.
Normal operations. All API calls from the Control Room are accepted by the license server.
Users can be assigned floating licenses as they log on. Floating licenses can be released as users log off.
Only the heartbeat API call is allowed to the license server. All other calls from the Control Room are stopped.
Operations, such as granting logging in users a license, or deleting a license assigned to a logged in user are restricted.
The Control Room stops all operations, all users are logged out of the Control Room.

Fail-Safe mode actions

When the Control Room loses connection with the licensing server and moves into Fail-Safe mode:

  • The Control Room administrator is sent an email notification, saying the Control Room is in Fail-Safe mode. The administrator can take remedial action to re-establish the connection.
  • Currently logged in users continue to have access and can do tasks.
  • User licenses cannot be allocated to or de-allocated from users.

Fail-Safe-Expired mode actions

When the Fail-Safe time limit expires, the Control Room moves into Fail-Safe-Expired state:

  • All connected users are shut down.
  • The Control Room reports Shutdown status to the license server.
  • The Control Room shuts down.

Active mode actions

When the Control Room is restarted and operational, and connectivity to the license server established, the Control Room is in Active state:

  • Users who had assigned licenses prior to the Fail-Safe, have their original licenses re-allocated.
  • New users can request and be allocated licenses.
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