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Considerations for running a bot

  • Updated: 9/15/2021
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • RPA Workspace

Considerations for running a bot

There are certain considerations you have to keep in mind when running a bot.

  • As a Bot Creator, you can deploy a bot on your device or you can run the bot on a remote machine through RDP connection.
  • If you are running bots on your local machine as a Bot Creator, enter only your username in the device login credentials; no password is required. The username is required to confirm that the same user who logged in to the local device is deploying the bot. If you are using the Google Chrome plug-in and running bots on your local machine, your username is required.
  • As a Bot Runner, you can either deploy the bot yourself or select a run-as user assigned by the administrator. You can run the bot either through your device or choose from the list of devices in a device pool. If you choose to override the default device, the bot will be executed on any available device in the device pool for each run-as user.
  • You can preload packages on your local device to shorten the bot runtime.

    The system supports running only one bot for each device at a given time. If a bot is already running on the device, you cannot deploy another bot on the device.

  • If you are running a bot from the Bot editor, closing the Control Room web browser will stop the bot run.
  • Run-as user: A set of unattended Bot Runner users that a scheduler can select from to run a bot on a device. The run-as user can select an available device from the device pool to run the bot.
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