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Prepare for IQ Bot migration

  • Updated: 2022/01/03
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Migrate
    • IQ Bot

Prepare for IQ Bot migration

Perform these tasks before you migrate to Automation 360 IQ Bot (On-Premises) from an earlier IQ Bot version (from Enterprise 6.x through 11.x).


  1. If you are currently using any of the earlier versions of Automation Anywhere Enterprise (10.x or 11.x), ensure you migrate to the latest Automation 360 version.
  2. Ensure the Automation 360 version corresponds to the Automation 360 IQ Bot that you are installing.
  3. Migrate to the latest Automation 360 IQ Bot On-Premises from IQ Bot Version 11.3.4 or later versions. If you are currently using any of the earlier IQ Bot versions (5.3.x), you must first perform these tasks:
    1. Update to IQ Bot Version 6.5.
    2. Update IQ Bot Version 6.5 to IQ Bot Version 11.3.4 before migrating to Automation 360 IQ Bot On-Premises.
  4. Back up your existing IQ Bot databases.
    In the earlier IQ Bot versions, five databases were created. With Automation 360 IQ Bot On-Premises Build 2545, a single unified database is created.
    1. Ensure you back up all five databases:
      • AliasData
      • ClassifierData
      • Configurations
      • FileManager
      • MLData
    2. Uninstall any earlier IQ Bot versions.
      Uninstalling an existing IQ Bot build does not delete the databases.
  5. Install Database Migration Assistant.
    1. Log into Automation Anywhere support site and download the Database Migration Assistant:
      Note: Ensure that OBDC Driver version 17.0 for SQL Server is available on your system before you run the Database Migration Assistant.
    2. Double-click the file to run Database Migration Assistant.
    3. Click Next to continue.
    4. Accept the license agreement. and click Next.
    5. In the Database Configuration screen, enter your existing IQ Bot database host name and credentials, and click Next.
      Note: The SQL Server Browser service must be running if you want to use the full name of the SQL Server as the host name.
    6. (Optional) Click Browse to change the default installation folder for the Database Migration Assistant.
    7. Click Install.
      After a successful installation, a new database called IQBot is created. You can use the following path to review the log files:


    Note: After migration to Automation 360 IQ Bot completes, output files processed in IQ Bot 11x will not be available for download through the IQ Bot package in the Control Room.
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