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System-created roles

  • Updated: 10/19/2021
    • Automation 360 v.x
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System-created roles

Automation 360 includes predefined roles that cannot be edited or deleted. Each role has the standard permissions, plus the permissions necessary to perform the tasks within the scope of that role.

Standard permissions

All system-created roles include the following permissions:
  • View dashboards
  • View my in progress activity
  • Manage my credentials and lockers
  • Create standard attributes for a credential (except for Discovery Bot roles)
  • View and manage my Bot runners, Bot creators, and devices
  • View and manage my queues
  • View users and roles basic information

System-created roles

Use the role IDs in the table below to assign the role to a user in the Create a new user API or Update an existing user details API endpoints.
Note: The role IDs in the table below are applicable to an On-Premises Control Room only. Since the role IDs vary for each cloud Control Room, you must look up the role ID by navigating to Administration > Roles and clicking the role name. The URL is https://<control_room>/#/admin/roles/allroles/2/edit, where 2 is the role name.
Role ID Name Description


Allows access to all features, including creating other Admin users and access to all folders and files. The only role that can access Control Room settings.



Permissions to create credentials and set a standard attribute value, view and run their bots, view the Bot Store, register a device, and view packages.


AAE_Locker Admin

Can view all credentials and all lockers. They can change the owner of a credential that they do not own. For lockers they do not own, they can delete the locker, edit permissions, and remove credentials.


AAE_IQ Bot Validator

For a Bot Runner with an IQ Bot license. Permissions to access the IQ Bot Validator screen. Limited access to Control Room features.


AAE_Bot Insight Consumer

When combined with an Analytics license, this role grants the user the ability to view data in Bot Insight.


AAE_Bot Insight Expert

When combined with an Analytics license, this role grants the user the ability to view and manage data in Bot Insight.


AAE_IQ Bot Services

Permissions to access the IQ Bot console. Limited access to Control Room features.


AAE_Queue Admin

Permissions to view and manage all queues.

AAE_Pool Admin

Permissions to view and manage all device pools.
Note: This role does not grant permission to view bots.

AAE_Bot Insight Admin

The only role that can use Bot Insight APIs to access the data logged by the Control Room, and by a task during Production runs.


AAE_IQ Bot Admin

Allows access to all IQ Bot features.

AAE_Bot Store Publisher

Permissions to submit bot package or Digital Worker to Bot Store.


AAE_Bot Developer

Permissions view, run, and import their bots, create folders, manage packages, and download bots and Digital Workers from the Bot Store to their private workspace.
Note: This role does note grant permission to register a device, or check bots in or out of the public workspace.

AAE_Discovery Bot Admin

Allows access to view all Discovery Bot processes. Manages the creation, deletion, and editing of processes.


AAE_Discovery Bot User

Allows access to view the assigned Discovery Bot process assigned to a user. Create and run the Discovery Bot recorder for assigned business processes. Permissions to view, edit, and delete a user's own recordings.


AAE_Discovery Bot Analyst

Allows access to view and edit all approved recordings from assigned users for a given process. Permissions for system generated aggregated view of recordings to view, create, edit, and delete views. Permissions to create, view, edit, and delete opportunities for assigned processes. Export the opportunity to a word document and convert to a bot.


AAE_Robotic Interface Admin


AAE_Robotic Interface Manager


AAE_Robotic Interface User

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