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Introduction to the Designer

  • Updated: 2022/02/02
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize

Introduction to the Designer

The Designer is the user interface where you train bots to extract data from uploaded sample documents. The Designer contains auto-mapped fields and table columns, where you can you edit the existing mapping or add new fields and tables.

The Designer has three panels: the left lists the document fields, the middle contains the field details, and the right panel contains the document being trained.

Highlighted areas are:
  1. Fields panel: List of fields selected for extraction during Learning Instance creation. Fields successfully found are indicated with a green check mark.
  2. Field Details panel: Details for the highlighted field in the Fields Panel, including data type and extracted value.
  3. Document Image panel: Rendered image of the document with image view controls
  4. Form fields: A field that has a single value in the document, such as the invoice number or invoice date.
  5. Table fields: A field with values that appear more than one time in a document, such as the item description or quantity.
  6. The blue boxes indicate System Identified Regions (SIRs) where IQ Bot found extractable data.
  7. The training document can be changed by clicking View each Group (#) document.
  8. The extraction can be tested using See extraction results.
  9. Save and close: Saves the changes and returns to the Learning Instance details page.
  10. Save and go to the next group: Saves changes, allows the Group to be set to Production mode, and moves to the next available Group.
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