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Using OrientImage action

  • Updated: 2021/04/21
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • IQ Bot

Using OrientImage action

Use the OrientImage action in the IQ Bot Pre-processor package to change the orientation of a selected image file.


  1. Drag the IQ Bot pre-processor > OrientImage action into your workflow.
  2. Select the input file from Control Room file, Desktop file or Variable.
  3. For the Control Room file and Desktop file tabs, click Browse to change the default filepath.
  4. Use the Apply settings field to change the following orientation options:
    • Flip: Use the drop-down menu to flip the image horizontally, vertically, or horizontally and vertically.
    • Rotate: Use the drop-down menu to:
      • Rotate the image clockwise or anti-clockwise.
      • Change the angle of the image.

        For example, enter 45 if you want to change the image angle by 45 degrees.

  5. Click Save.
    When the bot runs successfully, the modified image file is saved in the specified output folder.
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