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Automation 360 v.24 Community Edition Release Notes

  • Updated: 2022/05/10
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Automation 360 v.24 Community Edition Release Notes

Release date: 22 March 2022

Review what's new in the Community Edition of the Automation 360 v.24 (Build 12350) release.

Note: For information about Automation 360 v.24R2 patch for Community Edition, see Automation 360 v.24R2 Release Notes for Internet Explorer 11 EOL.

RPA Workspace

Bot agent update: This release includes an optional Bot agent update. To use the new features in v.24 (including updates to Bot Migration, Browser, DLL, Process Discovery, and Recorder packages), update the Bot agent available with this release. However, note that if you want to run your existing bots, you do not have to update your Bot agent to this release.
For more information on updating to this release, see these resources:
What's new
Do more with Microsoft Edge Chromium

You can now use the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser extension for the following:

  • Bot agent proxy configuration
  • Automatic population of device credentials

Browser requirements for RPA Workspace

Reduce turnaround time

You can now reduce the turnaround time for collecting information on issues by capturing log files from the Bot Runner device. You can save the log files by using the new -collectlogs command with the Bot agent diagnostic utility.

Perform Bot agent diagnostic checks

Enhancement to AISense Recorder

You can now use AISense Recorder to automate applications that use Japanese and a combination of Japanese and English interfaces.

AISense for recording tasks from remote applications

Support for copying metadata from one bot to another

You can now copy image and metadata files from one bot to another by using the Copy to shared clipboard option.

Wait time option in SOAP Web Service and REST Web Service packages (Service Cloud case ID: 00756730, 00792793, 01255869, 01753287)

When you create a bot, you can now set a time-out value for actions in REST and SOAP requests. To indicate how long a bot should wait for a response from the server before timing out, you can set a wait time (in milliseconds) in the Wait for actions to complete field. You can enter a number or a variable or provide a global value.

Format text with new HTML editor in Email package

In the Email package, when you use the Send, Reply, and Forward actions, you can now create and customize your email layout and body by using the new HTML design editor. Use the editor toolbar to make various changes to your text, such as applying bold, italic, and other formatting effects, inserting links, and changing the font and size of the text. You can copy the content from the design editor and paste it to other windows.

Task Bot package now supports passing Window variable to child bot (Service Cloud case ID: 00691890, 00804359, 01258948, 01764292)

In the Run action of the Task Bot package, when you select Input values fields and enter the values or variables to pass to the child bot, you can now choose the Window type variable and pass it from parent bot to child bot.

New option in Content type field of REST Web Service package (Service Cloud case ID: 00666852, 00789910, 00771194, 00785116, 00825945, 01762199)

You can now use the multipart/form-data option to upload files and data through REST Web Service. The content type multipart/form-data can be used to submit form elements containing files, non-ASCII data, and binary data. This option is available for actions such as POST, PUT, and PATCH.

Custom delimiter option in SOAP Web Service package

For responses specific to XPath, you can now use the custom delimiter option to delimit the return content from the SOAP response. In the Custom Delimiter field, you can provide a character or a variable, and the output of the delimited response will be a complete string.

New option in Run function action of DLL package (Service Cloud case ID: 00830568, 01063654, 01259336, 01767965)

In the Run function action of the DLL package, when the C# DLL interacts with the Windows API to perform system-related operations, such as keystroke, mouse click, or window switching, an intermediate window (AAZeroSizeForm)