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Using AARI on the web interface

  • Updated: 2022/02/03
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Using AARI on the web interface

The Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface(AARI) web interface is an intuitive portal and dedicated workspace for AARI users to create requests, run tasks, and for AARI managers to create manage team roles and deployment.

AARI on the web interface provides an engaging experience with attended and unattended bots. It gives you a one-stop place to view and organize your documents and tasks, perform actions, and hand over the work to bots. In addition, it provides a process-centric approach to deliver automation.


AARI on the web interface helps you in the following ways:

  • Start automation from an easy-to-use process catalog.
  • Automate long-running workflows across multiple users and bots.
  • Handle bot exceptions.
  • Train users and reduce errors with guided automation.
  • Multitask with humans and bots.
  • Monitor and audit attended automation.

AARI on the web helps multiple users to collaborate with bots without disruption and without accessing your personally identifiable information (PII) data and confidential systems.

The following image illustrates the front-office automation capability:

Example of AARI front-office automation


AARI on the web interface includes the following components:

The bots automate specific, repetitive, rule-based tasks.
The form enables humans to invoke and interact with the bots through the customizable web interface.
The process connects the bots and the forms together. The process contains the logic for triggering the bots and the forms and coordinating the flow of data between them.
The request is an instance of a process. If the process defines a template of how bots and forms interact, a request is a specific instance of that template.
Tasks are the steps that must be performed within a process. Processes can have two types of tasks:
  • Human task: A task that is performed by a human; a human task is a form.
  • Bot task: A task that is performed by a bot.

Review the following image to gain a better understanding of the relationship between these components.

Image describes components relationship to one another.


The following images illustrate the architecture of AARI on the web interface:

AARI external components

AARI in motion

Setting up

The following workflow lists how to use AARI on the web interface to automate and manage your tasks:

  1. Configure and set up roles
  2. Configure processes
  3. Deploy processes
Workflow map: To view the AARI web interface tasks in an interactive visual format, see Get started with AARI.
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