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Get started with Discovery Bot

  • Updated: 7/15/2021
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • Discovery Bot

Get started with Discovery Bot

Discovery Bot enables organizations to accelerate the automation of business processes from process discovery to bot creation.



  1. Set up users and assign Discovery Bot roles.
    Assign Automation 360 users with the relevant Discovery Bot permissions and associated licenses.
  2. Set up the business process within your organization.
    Create a placeholder for collecting all of the recordings associated for a given process. Invite one or more users through email notification to a Discovery Bot process recording session.

    Create a Discovery Bot process

  3. Record the process.
    Business users record their work for the associated processes, annotate their steps, and submit for review for possible opportunities for automation. .
  4. Analyze the process.
    The relevant business users (subject matter experts (SMEs), RPM or business analysts (BA)) review the recordings for specific usage patterns.
  5. Create opportunities. Merge specific recordings or steps as required.
  6. Prioritize opportunities and generate bots automatically.
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