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Debugger features

  • Updated: 2022/03/08
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • 11.3.x
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    • RPA Workspace
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Debugger features

The Automation Anywhere Debugger provides tools to help identify and fix issues during bot development.

To run a bot in Debugger mode, select the bot to run the debug function against and select Edit TaskBot. From the Edit TaskBot page, do the following:
  1. Click the Debugger icon.
  2. Click the Start icon.
Important: Use the List view to debug bots. The list view provides access to all of the Debugger features and visual indications of which action is running.
Debugger features:
  • To debug your task one action at a time, insert a breakpoint next to each action. This makes the task pause at the breakpoint.
    • To insert a breakpoint, click the vertical ellipses and select Enable breakpoint.
    • To remove a breakpoint, click the vertical ellipses and select Disable breakpoint.
    Tip: You can enable and disable breakpoints in the Debugger mode, or in the regular edit mode.
  • Select the Step over icon to move one action at a time.
  • To clear all breakpoints, click the Clear all breakpoints icon.
  • To stop the current debugging session, click the Stop icon.
  • To exit debugging, click the Exit debugger menu.
Note: You cannot edit actions in Debugger mode.
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