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Verifying your Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 version for migration

  • Updated: 2021/12/06
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Migrate
    • RPA Workspace

Verifying your Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 version for migration

Migration to Automation 360 is supported for many certified versions of Enterprise 10 and Enterprise 11. Before you start the migration process, verify your current platform version and then check if that version is currently supported for migration.

Verify your current platform version

You can find your current platform version in both the Control Room and Enterprise Client. Verify your platform version from your Control Room:
  1. Log in to your Enterprise 11 Control Room.
  2. Click the Help icon on the top-right of the Control Room to verify the version number, which is listed at the bottom of the menu.

    11.x version information on the Help menu

Verifying versions supported for migration

After you have verified which Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 version your organization has deployed, check which versions are supported for migration.
  1. Go to the following page: Supported Control Room versions for migration.
  2. Verify if your version is supported for migration.

    The supported versions for both Cloud and On-Premises migration are listed on this page.

Platform version not on supported list

Although we recommend that you begin migration after confirming if your version is supported for migration, you can still run the Bot Scanner to determine which of your bots and their corresponding commands are ready for migration. This will help you plan your migration by learning when currently unsupported bots and commands will be supported in an upcoming release.

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