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Using the Merge action

  • Updated: 2020/11/17
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • RPA Workspace

Using the Merge action

Use the Merge action to combine the contents of two tables when both source tables contain identical column headers. To combine tables that contain different column headers, use the Join action.

If one of the tables contains non-identical headers, then the merged table will contain the columns from the first source table with data from the second source table under the identical column headers, followed by the non-identical columns and data from the second source table.


To merge the content, perform these steps:

  1. Double-click or drag Data table > Merge.
  2. Select the first table variable you want to use from the Enter first data table name list.
  3. Select the second table variable you want to use from the Enter second data table name list.
  4. Select the table variable that you want to use to store the merged data from the Enter name of data table in which to merge list.
  5. Click Save.
For more information, see Merge output example.
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