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Registering IQ Bot with the Control Room

  • Updated: 2022/03/29
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Install
    • IQ Bot

Registering IQ Bot with the Control Room

IQ Bot is integrated with Control Room for user management. Log in to the Control Room and register IQ Bot.


Do the following before registering IQ Bot with Control Room:
IQ Bot can be accessed after registering it with Control Room.
Note: Make a note of the database credentials used for the Control Room installation. This is required for IQ Bot installation if you are using the same database.


  1. Log in to Control Room as an administrator.
    If you already logged into Control Room in the same browser session, you are automatically logged in to IQ Bot.
  2. Click Administration > Settings > IQ Bot.
  3. Click Edit in the IQ Bot section, and a text box appears.
  4. Enter the correct IQ Bot URL for example, http(s)://IQBotURL/, and click Save changes.
    If the application registration fails, try registering again.
    Note: The URL https://{CR_URL}/IQBot/ is case-sensitive. For example, ensure that the URL mentions "IQBot" and not "IQbot".
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