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About the Bot agent

  • Updated: 2022/02/04
    • Automation 360 v.x
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About the Bot agent

The Bot agent is a lightweight application that enables you to run bots on your device by connecting the device to the Control Room. After installing the Bot agent on a device, a registered user with role-based access privileges can create, manage, and deploy bots on that device.

Bot agent configuration

  1. A user can log in to the Control Room using the credentials provided by the administrator after the Control Room administrator creates a user and shares the credentials with the user.
  2. The user can now install the Bot agent and the user device is registered and mapped to that username in the Control Room.
  3. The Bot agent is registered as a Windows service (Automation Anywhere Bot agent Service) on the user device and the Automation Anywhere extension is added to the user's browser. You can enable the extension from your browser settings.
  4. The device communicates with the Control Room using WebSocket and stays connected.

Concept diagram showing Bot agent users connectivity with Control Room

Privilege mapping

A user is granted privileges governed by role-based access and assigned a device license by the Control Room administrator. The user is allocated either a Bot Creator or Bot Runner license.

Bot Creator

Users with Bot Creator licenses can log in to the Control Room from a browser to perform the following actions:

  • Create, edit, or delete bots.
  • Manage bots for using in Bot Insight, IQ Bot, and Bot Store.
Bot Runner

Users with Bot Runner licenses are used to deploy bots from the Control Room.

A user can be allocated any one of the two licenses - Unattended or Attended Bot Runner license.
  • Users with unattended Bot Runner license are configured to allow other Control Room users with required privileges to run and schedule automation from the Control Room. Such users are also referred as Run as users.
  • Users with attended Bot Runner license are allowed to run attended automations on their own devices from the Control Room.
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