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Get started with Community Edition

  • Updated: 2022/07/11
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Install
    • RPA Workspace

Get started with Community Edition

Use these tasks to register for, and start creating and using bots with the Community Edition of Automation 360.


  1. Register for the Automation Anywhere Community Edition:
    1. From the Automation Anywhere website scroll to and click the Get Community Edition option.
      Alternatively, select Customers & Partners > A People Community > Community Edition. Scroll to the registration form: GET COMMUNITY TODAY.
    2. Enter your identification information in the form that appears.
      The form information includes your first name, last name, email, country, phone number, and company. This information is used to create your Community Edition user login credentials.
      Restriction: Only the period/dot (.) and at sign (@) are allowed in the email field. No other special characters are supported.
    3. Read and agree to the terms, privacy policy, and license agreement. Select and click Submit.
      Wait for the email from Automation Anywhere that contains the information for you to log in to the Community Edition. The email includes the Community Control Room URL, your username, and assigned user password. After you log in, you are prompted to reset your password.
  2. Log in to Automation Anywhere Control Room.
    To log in to Automation 360, open the Control Room URL in your browser, enter your credentials in the login screen, and click Log in.
  3. Install the Bot Agent, register your device, and set user device credentials.
    The Bot Agent is a lightweight application that enables you to run bots on your device by connecting the device to the Control Room. To run bots on a local machine, install the Bot Agent and add the local device to the list of enabled host devices.

    To enable a device for running bots, set the local device credentials.

    If you are using an operating system other than Windows, you will not be able to install the Bot Agent at this time. See system requirements. However, you can still build bots using the Bot editor.

  4. Create your first bot.
    Follow these steps to create your first bot that prints the message, Go be great!, the Automation Anywhere version of Hello World!
  5. Run your first bot.
    Run a bot from the same device that you used to create the bot.
Watch the following videos that illustrate some of the steps in this task:
  • Installing the Bot Agent in Automation 360:

  • Building your first bot:

  • Running your first bot in the Community Edition:

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