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Considerations when you migrate and validate bots

  • Updated: 2022/07/06
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Migrate
    • RPA Workspace

Considerations when you migrate and validate bots

The migration process is designed to be seamless. Learn what to expect while you convert, validate, and migrate bots so that you can run your daily automated processes as usual.

Time taken for migration
Migration time will vary based on the number of bots in your Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 repository, the number of processes automated, and the number of Bot Runners and machines that are performing the migration. The time required to migrate varies based on your internal processes and requirements.
Note: After data is migrated from Enterprise 11 to Automation 360, ensure that the end-to-end migration activity is completed within 90 days from the first day of data migration. After 90 days, the Bot Insight analytical data will be deleted.
The following factors impact the time taken for migration:
  • Number and complexity of bots
  • Number of lines in a bot
  • Control Room and Bot Agent configuration
  • Current load on Control Room (indicated by the number of users connected to a Control Room at a specific time)
  • Migration environment: whether migration is being performed on an isolated production or staging environment.

    Migration in an isolated environment occurs faster.

  • Whether the bots to be migrated are located in a single folder or are located across multiple folders

    Bots present in a single folder are migrated faster.

  • Hardware requirements of the device from where the migration is performed
  • Network bandwidth
Migrating at your pace
The migration tools provide you with control over what to migrate and when to migrate. You can choose to migrate all of your bots at the same time or migrate a few bots at a time. During the transition period from Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 to Automation 360, you can continue to run bots on the previous platform as usual until your migration is complete.
Note: After the migration is completed, all new bots must be built on Automation 360. This will help you manage your bots and your organization to transition.
Zero downtime
Migration does not impact any scheduled bots or the ability to run bots as planned on Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 when you migrate data to Automation 360. As long as your infrastructure requirements are met according to your automation needs, and you run Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 and Automation 360 in parallel, there should be no pause in regular automation activities.
Running Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 and Automation 360 in parallel
During the transition period, we recommend that customers run automation on Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 until migrated bots are tested and running successfully on Automation 360. This is the best way to ensure zero downtime.
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