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Use Work Item variables

  • Updated: 2021/08/19
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • RPA Workspace

Use Work Item variables

You can use the Work Item variables to pass the Work Item attributes or values to the TaskBot from the Control Room when you run the bot with the option Run bot with queue.

The Work Item variables are available in a TaskBot only after you attach a work item template to the TaskBot when you define the work item template in the work item structure during queue creation.

Attach work item template to TaskBot


  1. On the left pane, click Automation.
    A list of available bots and forms is displayed.
  2. Click Create a bot.
  3. In the Create a Taskbot window, enter the required parameters such as Name, Description, and Folder location.
  4. Click Create & edit to open the TaskBot in edit mode.
  5. Attach the bot to a queue category by selecting a Work item template.
  6. Press the function key F2 to open the Insert a variable window and add the following Workload variables to an action:
    1. workItem to view the default values or attributes of the Work Item when you run the TaskBot using the Run bot with queue option.
      The workItem is an input variable for debugging a Workload bot to be used for TaskBot deployment options Run now and Schedule a bot. You can add the values for the workItem variable when you create an automation.
      On the other hand, when you use the option Run bot with queue, the workItem variable uses the values passed on by the Control Room.
    2. workItemResult to set the final outcome of the Work Item when you run the TaskBot using the Run bot with queue option.
      Use the String > Assign actionto set the value of workItemResult variable. This is an output variable type and you can use the string values as well as other variables to set the value of workItemResult variables.
    The variables are read-only and therefore cannot be edited or deleted from the TaskBot editor page.
    Double click a variable in the Variables panel to view the variable parameters:
    • Variable name.
    • Description of the variable.
    • Read only if the Constant check box is selected when the variable was created.
    • To be used as input or output parameter in a TaskBot during run time.
    • Variable type.
    • The default values or attributes that are configured with the Work Item template for a workItem variable or the default output values for a workItemResult variable.
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