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CSV operations

  • Updated: 2019/10/21

    CSV operations

    You can use some of the actions available in the Excel advanced package to perform various operations on a CSV file.

    CSV actions in the Excel advanced package

    The following table lists the actions that you can use with a CSV file:
    Supported Not Supported
    Open Find next empty cell
    Set cell Get cell colour
    Go to cell Go to next empty cell
    Insert/Delete row column Run macro
    Insert/Delete row column Unhide all worksheets
    Get cell Hide row/column in selection
    Find/Replace Unhide row/column in selection
    Convert excel to pdf Access password protected worksheet
    Delete cells Protect/Unprotect workbook
    Set cell formula Table related commands
    Create workbook Create worksheet

    You can use the Loop action to retrieve data from each row in a CSV file. You can also use any of the above action that supports the use of a CSV file within a Loop action.

    Note: All the other actions available in the Excel advanced package that are not listed in the above table cannot be used with a CSV file.
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