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Check migration readiness

  • Updated: 2021/11/02
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Migrate
    • RPA Workspace
    • Process flow

Check migration readiness

Perform the tasks in this workflow to verify whether you are ready to migrate to Automation 360 from Enterprise 11 and Enterprise 10.

Tasks for checking your migration readiness.


  1. Verify the current version of your Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 platform.
  2. Check whether your current Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 version is supported for migration.
  3. Compare Automation 360 and Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 features.
  4. Review information about packages mapping and variables mapping to understand how Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 commands and variables differ from the equivalent Automation 360 packages and variables.
  5. Use the Bot Scanner to analyze your bots and identify commands and variables used in the bots that are supported for migration in Automation 360.
  6. Analyze the report generated by the Bot Scanner.

Next steps

Prepare new Control Room for migration

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