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Build and test a demo package and bot

  • Updated: 2020/04/03
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • RPA Workspace

Build and test a demo package and bot

This practical how to section demonstrates that creating, changing, and managing packages allow you to customize actions and efficiently manage packages for all Control Room users.

Here is a list of all the necessary tasks to create a package, add the package to your Control Room, and verify your work in a bot. Complete the listed tasks in order.
Tip: Click the title of each step to go the detailed task.
Step 1 Update related workflow and build files
Follow the detailed steps for updating workflow and build files for this project using your integrated development environment (IDE).
Step 2 Choose your favorite IDE
You can compile a package from the IDE of your choice. Here are two possible ways you can compile a package:
Compile a demo JAR file from the Eclipse UI
Use Eclipse to compile a demo JAR file that you can add as a package to your Control Room.
Compile a demo JAR file from the command line
Compile the demo Java code provided with this software development kit.
Step 3 Add your demo package to the Control Room
Users with Upload package permission can add packages to the Control Room for use by all Bot Creators.
Step 4 Create a demo bot with the demo package
Create a bot using the demo package to verify the actions that were created.
Step 5 Change the Java file used to create the package JAR file
Modify and compile the Java code used to create a package to fix issues and create new functionality.
Step 6 Upload new demo package
Package management allows you to upload package updates. The new package has the same name, but a different version number.
Step 7 Update the demo bot with the updated package
Update bots to use specific package versions.
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