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  • Updated: 2022/04/11
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Manage
    • RPA Workspace


Users with the Manage package permission can upload and manage packages.Automation Anywhere provides you with the flexibility to decide which packages you want to make available to the Bot Creators for creating bots.

Users must have the appropriate administrative permission to view or manage action packages.

View packages
A user with View packages permission can view the packages that are available to Bot Creators. Go to the Bots > Packages page to view All packages.

The All packages page lists all the packages in the Control Room that are available for Bot Creators. Packages can have multiple versions.

Manage packages

A user with the Manage packages permission can add new packages to the Control Room and manage which packages versions are available in the Control Room.

Add packages from the Bots > Packages > Add package.
Manage packages from the Bots > Packages > All packages > View package page.
Set as default
Select a package and set is as the default. As soon as a package is set to default, it is the package that all Bot Creators in the Control Room use.
Disable a package so that users cannot use it to create new bots. Bots that were created using a disabled package continue to work.
Deleting a package removes the actions contained in the package from the Control Room for all users.
Important: A package cannot be deleted if it is being used by a bot.
Note: It is recommended that Bot Creators update bots to use the latest version of a package.
Updates to packages by Automation Anywhere are available in each release of Automation 360. The latest updated package can be set to the default package by users and administrators with Manage package permission.
Note: When you upgrade to Automation 360 v.24, the Apache log4j2 library is no longer bundled in the command packages. However, older command packages, from Automation 360 v.23 and earlier, might continue to have the log4j2 library bundled within. If you want to use command packages without the log4j2 bundled within, we recommend that you use the newer Automation 360 v.24 packages in your tasks.
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