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Concurrent bot deployments and executions

  • Updated: 2022/05/18
    • Automation 360 v.x
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    • RPA Workspace

Concurrent bot deployments and executions

Review the information on the maximum number of concurrent bot deployments and executions for On-Premises deployment.


The entity count in the following list provides information about the maximum number of entities that the Control Room can support. Deploying additional Control Room or machine resources does not affect the entity count.

Control Room supports either of the following, for maximum number of concurrent bot deployments and executions:
  • 1000 concurrent bot deployments and executions on Bot Runner sessions (typically in a production Control Room)
  • 700 concurrent bot deployments and executions on Bot Creator sessions (typically in a development Control Room)
Entity Type Count
Users 10,000*
Roles 5000*
Schedules 1500
Audit entries 10,000,000*
Lockers 100
Credentials 5000
Repository files

(Including all file types in the Control Room Public workspace)

Note: Repository files include dependent files that you check in to the Public workspace (visible on the UI) and related files from the database (not visible on the UI). For example, .png files generated after an automation is recorded are stored in the database and are included in the repository files.
Repository folders 9000*
Queues 10
Device pools 10
Work Items 1,000,000

* Applicable from Automation 360 v.21 and later.

Concurrent deployment and executions

Control Room supports up to 1000 concurrent bot deployments and executions across the Control Room cluster.

Control Room edition and configuration Number of Run as users
One instance of On-Premises Maximum 1000
Three instances of On-Premises with High Availability (HA) configuration Maximum 1000

The bot deployment depends on the network quality and the size of data that needs to be transferred from Control Room to Bot agent.

Therefore, in the above scenario when the network connectivity speed is increased for the three Control Room instances, the network throughput improves, so the completion time will become shorter but the maximum accepted concurrent bot deployments will remain the same.

Bot concurrent schedules

Scheduling considerations when running bots repeatedly.

When configuring bots to run repeatedly on a schedule it is important to make sure that the time between runs does not drop below the total time for deployment and execution of the bot. Otherwise, sequential executions of the bot might overlap leading to unexpected behavior.

For example if it takes two (2) minutes to run a bot, do not schedule the bot to run every one (1) minute. The previous run cannot complete before the next run begins.

With the reference specification, it is possible to successfully configure concurrent schedules.

Activity Schedule data
Concurrent schedules 100
Run as user per schedule 10
Total concurrent bots 1000
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