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  • Updated: 2022/03/30
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Manage
    • RPA Workspace


Use the Settings tab to configure the connection to the Credential Vault, enable email notifications, integrate the Control Room with a Git repository, enable secure recording mode, and configure user authentication.


  • Secure recording mode ensures that sensitive data is not stored in the bots. When secure recording mode is enabled, the bots do not capture values of certain properties or store application images. This setting may be enabled for some or all users of the Control Room.
    Note: Secure recording mode only applies to bots that are created or edited after the mode is enabled.

    Click Edit in the Bots tab to enable or disable secure recording mode.

  • Bot validation performs an additional compile time validation on migrated bots at the preprocessing stage to save your time and effort. By default, the Bot validation feature is set to Off.
    Note: You must be a Control Room administrator to view and edit the validation option.

    Navigate to Administration > Settings > Bots and set the bot validation option to On to detect compilation errors with bots.

    Validation happens at the time of running the bot, for new bots. For migrated bots, this check is performed immediately after bot migration, per configuration.

    For example, if a parent bot calls a child bot and the child bot has compilation errors, these errors are displayed when you try to run the parent bot. This ensures that an error does not occur in the middle of an automation or make it an incomplete automation.

    In the Bot migration results page, select a bot that needs review. Click the three dots under Reason tab to see the details. With the Bot validation feature set to On, the bots that have compile time errors are displayed as a separate line entry in the migration report.

    Migrated bots with compilation errors are shown in Successful with Review section of the migration report and ensures that you can get a list of bots that require your attention.


When there is a new version of the Bot agent, it is automatically updated.

IQ Bot

View the website address where IQ Bot is currently installed, if applicable. Click Edit to update the IQ Bot URL.


All users have to confirm email accounts by clicking the confirmation link that they receive, set the password, and security questions before user can log in to the Automation Anywhere Control Room. By default, email notifications are disabled. Mouse over the Edit icon to make changes.

Edit email notifications

Git integration

Remote Git repository must support Git LFS (Large File Support). Bots are synced using standard Git push over HTTPS.


Customize the password requirements for all Control Room users. The password must include the following:

  • A number
  • An alphanumeric letter
  • A symbol
  • A capital letter

For On-Premises users: The check-boxes are enabled, and the user can select or deselect the options.

For Cloud users: The check-boxes are disabled, and the user cannot select or deselect the options.

Time-out session settings

The session settings enable you to automatically time out users from the Control Room browser session after the specified minutes of inactivity. You can configure the inactivity time in the range of 10-60 minutes in the Time-out session setting field. The session can be configured with the incremental of 10 minutes. The default value is 20 minutes, which means you will be logged out of the session after 20 minutes of inactivity.

User authentication

Configure the to authenticate users through the database option or switch to a SAML identity provider (IDP).

Set up SAML authentication

External key vault

External key vaults provide a way to securely store and retrieve credentials using a third-party key manager such as CyberArk, Azure, and AWS Secrets Manager.

Edit external key vault configuration

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