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Configure default device settings

  • Updated: 2022/05/25

    Configure default device settings

    Configure the device settings to automatically set a user's current device as the default device after the user logs in to the Control Room.


    Ensure that you are logged in to the Control Room as the administrator.

    Configure the default device setting for temporary or non-persistent devices so that such device users do not have to log in to the Control Room to mark their device as a temporary device.


    1. Navigate to Administration > Settings > Devices.
    2. Edit the General settings.
    3. To automatically set a logged-in user's device as the default device, verify that the Enabled option is selected.
      The option is selected by default. You can change it to Disabled if you do not want to set a logged-in user's device as the default device.
    4. Save the settings.
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