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Fuzzy match package

  • Updated: 2021/09/02
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • RPA Workspace

Fuzzy match package

Use the Fuzzy match action to compare the values of two strings or files for similarity. This action returns a decimal value; the closer the value to 1.0, the greater the similarity between the two strings.

Important: This is a beta package and is currently not available with the Automation 360 Enterprise and Cloud editions.
Use this action to automate the process of evaluating strings of data for similiarity. For example, you have an automation sequence in which a bot extracts data from invoices, searches a database for the company record, and updates the record with data from the invoice. Use the Fuzzy match action to handle two possible scenarios:
  • A mistake occurs at the extraction step where a letter is incorrectly extracted. Instead of Apple, the bot extracts App1e, with a numerical one instead of the letter l.
  • There is a small variation between the company name on the invoice and in the database. The invoice contains the company name Apple Inc, but the database has a record for the company name Apple.
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