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Train a learning instance

  • Updated: 10/20/2021

    Train a learning instance

    Ensure that you train a learning instance for extracting data from documents. Editing the validation rules for auto-mapped fields can further improve the accuracy of data extraction.

    When you upload sample documents while creating a learning instance, the system analyzes and sorts these documents into logical groups based on the field identification. The IQ Bot Designer displays all the document groups that can be trained.
    Note: Define all the fields and tables you want to extract from the documents in the Designer.

    When you click a field in the left panel, the mapped field and its value displays in the center panel. You can validate the field and its value in the document, displayed in the right panel.

    If the mapped field value is accurate, the Designer displays a green check mark next to the mapped field in the center panel.

    Mark a field Optional in case the value in a field appears in some documents only. By default, fields are marked as Required unless a field is added after creating the learning instance. In this case, the field is Optional by default. See example below.

    If Tax is calculated in one document but not in another, you could mark this field as optional and provide a default value of 2%
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