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Citrix integration on Cloud

  • Updated: 2022/06/29
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Citrix integration on Cloud

Automation 360 integration with Citrix enables you to create bots that run tasks on remote Citrix Virtual Apps servers.

Process overview

Ensure the following tasks are completed before you begin automating tasks in a Citrix environment:
Verify the Citrix component version
Following are the various Citrix components and its related versions that are supported for the Automation 360 integration with Citrix.
Citrix component version Automation Anywhere Plug-in Automation 360 client or Bot option
Citrix Receiver Version 4.4 LTSR or later
Note: You can also use the Citrix Workspace app. All major releases of the Citrix Workspace app version .22 are certified.

Automation Anywhere Citrix plug-in

Automation Anywhere Citrix remote agent

For using Citrix server resident apps or installing Automation 360 client.
Citrix Virtual Apps version 6.5 or later For using Citrix server resident apps.
Citrix XenDesktop Version 7.15 LTSR For using Citrix server resident apps or installing Automation 360 client.
Verify credentials and licensing
  • Ensure you have the credentials to access the Citrix server.
    Note: We recommend you have different Citrix login credentials for each Bot Runner user.
  • Ensure the appropriate Citrix license is available for the Automation Anywhere Enterprise system.
Install components
Specific Citrix and Automation Anywhere components are required on both the local user machine and the Citrix Virtual Apps server.
Local machine
  1. Install Citrix Receiver.
  2. Install the Bot Agent. This is automatically installed when you register the local machine with the Control Room.

    The Bot Agent and Automation Anywhere plug-in for Citrix are installed at the same time if the Citrix Receiver is installed on the local machine.

  3. Install the Automation Anywhere plug-in for Citrix.

    If the Bot Agent is already installed, the Automation Anywhere plug-in for Citrix is automatically installed when the Universal Recorder is initiated.

Citrix server
  1. Install the Automation Anywhere remote agent for Citrix.
  2. Register the Automation Anywhere remote agent for Citrix as a Virtual App in the Citrix StoreFront.
Create a bot
  1. From the Citrix StoreFront, run the AARemoteAgent and the target application.
  2. From the Control Room, create the bot, start the Recorder, select the target application, and record your actions on the Citrix server to build your bot.

Using Citrix architecture with bots

To create and run bots using applications that reside on a Citrix server, see the following resources:

Using the Recorder on Citrix Virtual Apps servers
The Record: Capture cloning action requires specific configurations to capture objects from applications available through the Citrix StoreFront on a remote Citrix Virtual Apps server. Ensure the required components are installed on the local machine and the remote Citrix Virtual Apps server.
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