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Review the dashboard

  • Updated: 2022/02/17
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize

Review the dashboard

The dashboard summarizes the performance report and provides document processing information in a graphic format.

The report appears when you log in to the IQ Bot. The information shown consists of: document classification, straight-through processing (STP), accuracy, and human validation for information on actions for a specific learning instance so you can focus on areas that require attention.

The IQ Bot dashboard is divided into two primary areas:
  • My Totals
  • My Learning Instances

My Totals area

My totals is a display area of the Dashboard that provides a quick overall view of the status of all learning instances in the Production environment.

View the following information in the My Totals area:
  • Documents Processed: The total number of files processed in the production environment.
    Note: If a file is corrupt and cannot be opened, it is not included in this count.
  • Pages purchased: The number of pages purchased in the current license period.

    For example, if 4000 pages were purchased before Dec 31, 2020 and another 20,000 pages were purchased between January 1, 2021 and February 28, 2021, the pages purchased metric shows a count of 20,000 pages, not 24,000. This is because 4000 of the pages were purchased before the license validity period.

    Note: This metric is visible only to users with the AAE_IQ Bot Admin role or a custom role with the View administration permission.
  • Pages uploaded: The number of pages uploaded to a learning instance in the production environment in the current license period. When the license is renewed, the value reverts to zero.

    This metric is different from the documents processed metric because one document can contain multiple pages. Additionally, the metric count includes pages that were uploaded but have not completed processing.

    Note: In releases prior to Automation 360 v.23, this metric reflected the number of pages uploaded to learning instances in the production environment from the time of IQ Bot installation.
  • Straight-through processing (STP): The percentage of total number of uploaded files that were successfully processed without manual intervention.

  • Accuracy: The field accuracy, which is a percentage value of fields that have been accurately identified. This includes fields whose Optical Character Recognition (OCR) confidence levels exceed the confidence threshold that were set.

My Learning Instances area

View details of learning instances you have created that are in the Staging and Production environments.

View information for learning instances in the staging environment:
  • Name of the learning instance
  • The domain or type of documents. For example, invoices and receipts.
  • Number of documents in the learning instance
  • A graphical representation of trained documents showing the details in percentages
View information for learning instances in the production environment:
  • Number of files processed
  • Straight-Through Processing (STP) percentage of files that were successfully processed without manual intervention
  • Field accuracy in percentages
Important: Sometimes, the number of documents in the Dashboard and in the Learning Instance summary page do not match the number of documents submitted for processing. This can occur when documents are classified into groups that are not in production. Documents in this category are not processed (by design), leading to a mismatch between the number of processed documents and the number of total documents. In such a case, if these groups are moved to production, the total numbers of documents will match.
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