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Adding a trigger to run a bot

  • Updated: 5/11/2021
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • AARI
    • Process flow

Adding a trigger to run a bot

Add triggers that can automatically run the selected bot whenever a specific event occurs. For example, clicking a specific button or using a combination of keystrokes.

Triggers integrate predefined events into your workflow and reduce the number of repetitive tasks that users must perform. Attended automation in Automation 360 enables you to create unique triggers for various applications. You can then use these triggers to start a bot.

Use one of the following types of triggers to start a bot:

Starts a bot when a new email message is received in the specified email service such as Microsoft Outlook, Email server, or EWS server.
Files and folders
Starts a bot when a predefined file or folder event occurs. You can set one of the following options as the trigger:
  • When a new file or folder is created.
  • When an existing file or folder is deleted.
  • When a file or folder is renamed.
  • When a file or folder is modified.
Hot key
Starts a bot when a predefined combination of keystroke is performed on the keyboard. You can set a combination of the following keys as the trigger:
  • Control keys such as Ctrl, Alt, Windows logo key, and Esc.
  • Keys with regular alphabetical (English) characters.
Starts a bot when a predefined event occurs on the selected user interface element. Some examples of the predefined events are:
  • User clicks a button.
  • User opens or closes an application.
  • User selects or clears a checkbox.
Note: When capturing an interface trigger in a SAP application, ensure that both the Recorder and Interface trigger packages are from Build 5933 or from a prior release.
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