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Create workload queues

  • Updated: 5/21/2021
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Manage
    • RPA Workspace

Create workload queues

A queue is one of the main building blocks of Workload Management (WLM). A queue holds data known as Work Items for further processing. The system distributes these Work Items to individual unattended Bot Runners in a device pool for processing.

For workload automation create and attach a work item template to a bot, create device pools, add Bot Runners to the pool, create queues, add queue owners/participants/consumers, define the work item structure, insert work items, and finally run the automation with the queue.

  1. Create queues using default workload parameters (express queues)

    Create queues with default parameters for workload automation using the express queue option in the Control Room.

  2. Create and attach work item template to a bot

    Attach a work item template to a TaskBot to use the TaskBot in workload automation.

  3. Create device pools and add bot runners to the pool

    Create a device pool with a unique name and add Unattended Bot Runners to the device pool.

  4. Create queues

    Create queues that hold specific sets of data your bot is expecting for automation. To create queues, an Control Room administrator assigns the AAE_Queue Admin role with View and manage my queues, Create queues, Administer all queues, and View my in progress activity permissions.

  5. Add queue owners

    Add queue owners who can create, edit, and view queues.

  6. Add participants to queue

    Add queue participants from different roles defined in the Control Room. This is an optional step.

  7. Add consumers of queues

    Add queue consumers from different roles defined in the Control Room. This is an optional step.

  8. Define Work Item structure

    Define the Work Item structure for processing in a queue. This enables you to manually upload the Work Items from the system in the absence of ready data in a file.

  9. Insert Work Items

    Add Work Items from an Excel or CSV file to the queue after you define the structure.

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