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Enterprise A2019 (Builds 1082 and 1089) Release Notes

  • Updated: 2021/06/01

    Enterprise A2019 (Builds 1082 and 1089) Release Notes

    These release notes describe new features, changed features, fixed features, security fixes, deprecated features, and known limitations in Enterprise A2019.

    To verify which Bot agent version is compatible with this release, see Compatibility with Automation 360 builds.

    Enterprise A2019 Builds 1082 and 1089

    Build 1082 contains updates for the following:
    Build 1089 contains updates for the following:

    New features in Builds 1082 and 1089

    Feature Description
    Universal recorder support for SAP The universal recorder now supports the SAP graphical interface for fast and accurate control and ease of editing generated scripts.
    Citrix support Citrix agent enables remote application recording for object cloning on Citrix servers and leverages ICA to create user sessions.
    Enhanced code editing Select multiple lines of code in editor to copy, move, disable, enable, as well as disable/enable a line of an action in a bot script.

    Users can run bots from a particular line of code or action inside the bot.

    Bot import and export Users can export bots with dependencies into a common zip file, including all actions. Users can manually exclude packages from the export process.

    All imported action packages will be automatically installed into the target Cloud Control Room and the bots placed inside the user private workspace.

    Background processing Background processing for Citrix Virtual Apps and Windows native applications. Excel packages inherently support background processes.
    REST package Support for GET, POST (text, XML, and HTML), PUT, and DELETE methods. Authentication types supported include Basic, Logged-in AD user, and NTLM.
    OCR Action Users can capture window and capture image by path.
    Active Directory integration for On-Premises Allowing auto-discovery of sites and domains, Enterprise A2019 On-Premises integrates Active Directory to support multi-domain as well as multi-forest deployments.

    Supported packages

    Package Version
    Node Manager 1.0.1745
    Application 2.0.0-20191016.213334-22
    Boolean 2.0.0-20191017-030403
    Browser 2.0.0-20191017-030404
    Clipboard 2.0.0-20191016.213334-16
    Comment 2.0.0-20191017-030408
    CSV/TXT 2.0.0-20191017-030409
    Database 2.0.0-20191017-030411
    DataTable 2.0.0-20191029.062940-3
    DateTime 2.0.0-20191017-030416
    Delay 2.1.0-20191017-030417
    Dictionary 2.0.0-20191017-140648
    DLL 2.0.0-20191031-100332
    Email 2.0.0-20191024-120209
    Error Handler 2.0.0-20191031-100110
    Excel 2.0.0-20191024-160417
    Excel_MS 2.0.0-20191101-120011
    File 2.0.0-20191017-140654
    Folder 2.0.0-20191017-140657
    FTP/SFTP 2.0.0-20191023-181858
    If/Else 2.0.0-20191017-030432
    IR 1.0.0-20190923-115359
    IQ Bot 2.0.0-20191031-150538
    JavaScript 2.0.0-20191031-100128
    Keystrokes 2.0.0-20191018-100419
    List 2.0.0-20191017-030447
    LogToFile 2.0.0-20191017-030447
    Loop 2.0.0-20191017-030449
    MessageBox 2.0.0-20191017-030449
    Mouse 2.0.0-20191017-030450
    Number 2.0.0-20191029-100152
    OCR 2.1.0-20191017-030626
    PDF 2.1.0-20191017-030713
    Ping 2.0.0-20191017-030715
    PlaySound 2.0.0-20191024-160415
    Prompt 2.0.0-20191024-160423
    Python 2.0.0-20191031-100238
    Recorder 1.0.45-20190904-210340
    Rest 2.0.0-20191024-090501
    SAP 2.1.0-20191031-100334
    Screen 2.0.0-20191017-030809
    SNMP 2.0.0-20191023-181621
    String 2.0.0-20191025-221016
    Terminal Emulator 2.0.0-20191023-181907
    VBScript 2.0.0-20191031-100352
    Wait 2.0.0-20191017-030828
    Window 2.0.0-20191017-030829
    XML 2.0.0-20191017-030831

    Changed features

    Changed features
    TaskBot All rich features of MetaBot, such as DLL and code protection using execute permission, are now part of a standard TaskBot. This also includes inline scripting using Python, VBScripts, and more to help reduce the learning curve for new users and provides a uniform bot development experience.

    Fixed features

    The fixed features in this release have not changed since the previous release. For a list of these features, see Enterprise A2019 (Build 550) Release Notes.

    Security fixes

    The security fixes in this release have not changed since the previous release. For a list of these fixes, see Enterprise A2019 (Build 550) Release Notes.

    Deprecated features

    The deprecated features in this release have not changed since the previous release. For a list of these deprecations, see Enterprise A2019 (Build 550) Release Notes.

    Known limitations in Builds 1082 and 1089

    • IQ Bot is not supported in Automation Anywhere Cloud and users cannot register any IQ Bot instance with Cloud Control Room.
    • To create database tables in Cloud Control Room where internet access is restricted and deploying Liquibase, users are required to unblock the Java process to connect to in order to download the schema and allow java.exe to have internet access.
    • The Folder trigger has the following event options: create, modify, and delete. The File trigger only has the modify and delete event options.
    • A bot cannot have duplicate Triggers that point to the same directory.
    • Using the action Run Task with the child task using triggers is not supported.
    • Activity - In Progress is not cleaning the event record until user does hard refresh (F5) of the browser.
    • User cannot export a bot with dependencies if that user does not have access to any of the related dependencies.
    • Users cannot checkout bots if they are linked via circular dependencies.
    • Minimizing the window for some Microsoft Active Accessibility apps, such as Notepad, Calculator, or Remote Desktop Applications, can cause the operation to fail.
    • UI Automation, such as Snagit Editor Window for example, will not work in the background unless expressly minimized.
    • If the system Citrix plugin is not updated, the Recorder will not launch.
    • If the user renames a previously saved recorder bot, a download error is generated and results in loss of images.
    • For Elasticsearch users, remove the C:\ProgramData\AutomationAnywhere folder prior to installing Enterprise A2019.
    • Users cannot enable SMTP with TLS for the on-premises version of the Control Room (On-Premises only).
    • User credentials are not editable (On-Premises only).
    • Installer fails to create credentials using Windows Authentication. Use SQL Authentication service credentials (On-Premises only).
    • In an On-Premises environment, creating credentials with the Credential Vault is not supported in this release.
    • When using the Recorder with Citrix in an On-Premises deployment, the Citrix Agent could generate an internal server error during the recording process.

    IQ Bot Builds 1082 and 1089

    IQ Bot Community Edition is available for this release. IQ Bot is not yet available on Automation Anywhere Cloud.

    See IQ Bot Community Edition quick start guide .

    IQ Bot changed features

    IQ Bot is compatible with Enterprise A2019 Build 1089.

    IQ Bot fixed features

    The fixed features in this release have not changed since the previous release.

    IQ Bot security fixes

    The security fixes in this release have not changed since the previous release.

    IQ Bot deprecated features

    The deprecated features in this release have not changed since the previous release.

    IQ Bot known limitations

    For On-Premises, if IQ Bot and Control Room are installed on the same machine, on restarting the machine, IQ Bot does not work, and displays an error message.
    Note: We recommend restarting Automation Anywhere Control Room Reverse Proxy service to resolve the issue.