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Share session between TaskBot logic

  • Updated: 2020/11/03
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • 11.3.x
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Share session between TaskBot logic

Use the Shared Session option in the Terminal Emulator package to pass the exact state of an application to the concurrently occurring TaskBot logic.

Shared session enables you to reuse actions between TaskBots that run concurrently, for example, connecting to the same application.

To use shared session, create a hierarchy of TaskBot logic that are connected by the Shared Session option. As a result, large TaskBot logic are trimmed by removing repetitive commands for connecting and disconnecting.


  1. Create a parent bot such as TE_Share_Main that connects to an application on the Terminal Emulator.
  2. Use the Set session variable action in the TE_Share_Main to assign the current session to a variable such as $te_session$ of Terminal Emulator session type.
  3. Create a child bot such as TE_BMIS to perform any actions such as Get text and Set field.
  4. Add a Run Task action in the TE_Share_Main to call the TE_BMIS.
  5. To pass a session variable from the TE_Share_Main to TE_BMIS , select $te_session$ as an input value in the Set SessionVariable.
  6. In the TE_BMIS , use Shared session tab and insert $te_session$ as a session variable to obtain data or perform task.
  7. In the main task, add an action to disconnect from the application.
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