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Using GetBarCodes action

  • Updated: 2021/04/21
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • IQ Bot

Using GetBarCodes action

Use the GetBarCodes action in the IQ Bot Pre-processor package to detect and extract all available barcodes from a document.


  1. Drag the IQ Bot pre-processor > GetBarCodes action into your workflow.
  2. Select the input file from Control Room file, Desktop file or Variable.
  3. Optional: If you selected Control Room file or Desktop file, click Browse to change the default filepath.
  4. Use the List of dictionaries with 7 keys drop-down menu to select the output format for the extracted strings.
    If the document has multiple barcodes, multiple dictionaries are used as each dictionary corresponds to a single barcode. Each dictionary has the following seven keys that relate to the various attributes of the barcode in a document:
    • Page number of the document where a barcode is available
    • Type of the barcode
    • Value of the barcode
    • X coordinate of the barcode
    • Y coordinate of the barcode.
    • Width of the barcode
    • Height of the barcode
  5. Click Save.
    When the bot runs successfully, the extracted barcodes are assigned to the output variable.
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