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Postinstallation checklist

  • Updated: 2022/06/22
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Install
    • IQ Bot

Postinstallation checklist

Verify that IQ Bot is installed, ensure that the IQ Bot services are running using the healthcheck APIs, and register IQ Bot with the Control Room.

Step 1: Verify IQ Bot in the Control Panel
Ensure that the Automation Anywhere IQ Bot item exists in Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features of the machine where IQ Bot is installed.
Step 2: Confirm that Automation Anywhere cognitive services are running

Ensure that the following services are installed on the machine where IQ Bot is installed and the status of the services is set to Running on the Microsoft Windows services window.

To see the list of services that are currently running, open services.msc using Start > Run.

  • Automation Anywhere Cognitive Alias
  • Automation Anywhere Cognitive Application
  • Automation Anywhere Cognitive Classifier Service
  • Automation Anywhere Cognitive Console
  • Automation Anywhere Cognitive File Manager
  • Automation Anywhere Cognitive Gateway-2
  • Automation Anywhere Cognitive MLScheduler Service
    Note: As of Build 12350, this service is disabled, by default.
  • Automation Anywhere Cognitive MLWeb Service
    Note: As of Build 12350, this service uses a new model to better detect check boxes and tables. To revert to the previous model, open the CognitiveServiceConfiguration.json file, locate the following code snippet, and update the version value to v1:
    "MLWebService": {
    "port": "9991",
    "version": "v2"
  • Automation Anywhere Cognitive Projects
  • Automation Anywhere Cognitive Report
  • Automation Anywhere Cognitive Validator
  • Automation Anywhere Cognitive Visionbot Manager
  • Automation Anywhere Cognitive VisionbotEngine Service
To reinstall the IQ Bot services, Run reinstall-allservices.bat as an administrator from IQ Bot Installation Directory > Configuration Folder. You will see a list of services with serial numbers. Perform either of the following steps to reinstall the services:
  1. Enter the serial number of the service that you want to reinstall.

    Reinstall IQ Bot services

  2. Enter the serial number of the service followed by the domain username and password.

    Reinstall IQ Bot services using cmd parameters

Step 3: Perform a healthcheck
Use the Healthcheck API to verify about the required service. The request/response details of the Healthcheck API are described in the following table.


The following table lists the API requests sent for doing a healthcheck of different IQ Bot services:

Service name URL
Alias http://<hostname/IP>:9997/healthcheck
Application Service http://<hostname/IP>:9002/healthcheck
Project Service