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Verifying Automation Anywhere services

  • Updated: 2021/11/08
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Install
    • RPA Workspace

Verifying Automation Anywhere services

Automation Anywhere specific services are installed on the Control Room server.

Verify installed Windows services

From your Windows device:

  1. Select Control Panel > Administrator Tools > Services.

    The specific path to Services can vary, depending on your specific Windows version.

  2. Scroll through the list to find the listed service name. Note the Status should show as running.

Control Room installed services

Verify that the following Windows services are installed by the Automation Anywhere Control Room installer.
Service name Description
Automation Anywhere Bot Compiler Service Stores all details about the bot compile service. Receives and processes Bot compilation requests for the Control Room.
Automation Anywhere Control Room Caching Used for distributed cache storage.
Automation Anywhere Control Room IQ Bot Service Used for Automation 360 IQ Bot.
Automation Anywhere Control Room Messaging Allows Control Room services to communicate asynchronously.
Automation Anywhere Control Room Reverse Proxy Receives all incoming HTTP and HTTPS requests for Automation Anywhere products and forwards to the correct service.
Automation Anywhere Control Room Robotic Interface Service Is the Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI) service used to create and orchestrate workflows between forms and bots.
Automation Anywhere Control Room Service Receives and processes API requests for the Control Room.
Automation Anywhere Elastic Search Service Stores all logs and related activities for search functionality.

For details about Elasticsearch, see Elastic Stack and Product Documentation.

Automation Anywhere Control Room Discovery Bot Service Used for Discovery Bot.
Automation Anywhere Control Room Discovery Bot ML Service Used to launch Discovery Bot from Control Room.
Automation Anywhere Control Room Storage Service Used as a storage solution to leverage automation projects.
  • All the services can be configured either in the Local System or Domain account when the Control Room is installed in Custom mode. For a Control Room installed in Express mode, all the services are run in the Local System account.
  • By default, the Automation Anywhere Control Room services restart automatically after a system reboot. You do not need a windows service start-up script to restart the services.
  • We recommend you wait for two (2) minutes for the Automation Anywhere Control Room services to restart after a system reboot. If the services do not start automatically, you will see the Bad gateway error. You can restart the services manually in any sequence.
  • Running RPA Workspace services is mandatory for using the RPA Workspace platform. However, running the AARI, Discovery Bot, and IQ Bot services is optional for RPA Workspace platform.
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