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Edit profile settings

  • Updated: 2020/09/28
    • Automation 360 v.x
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    • RPA Workspace

Edit profile settings

Update your user profile settings in the Control Room.


Ensure that you are logged in to the Control Room as the administrator.

Each RPA user is required to have an active profile in the Control Room to built, run and schedule the deployment of bots as well as for security authorization. Profile information includes user names, email addresses, passwords, and so on.


  1. Navigate to My Settings.
    The My Settings page displays the expandable My profile tab for specific and configurable user details. Click the Edit icon to update this profile information.
  2. Update any or all of the general details for your profile.
    First name Maximum character length is 50.
    Last name Maximum character length is 50.
    Contact email Maximum character length is 255.
    Change password 8-15 characters: a-z (lowercase), A-Z (uppercase), 0-9, and the following special characters are allowed: @, -, _, !, #, $, %, ., and &
  3. Click Save changes.
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