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Google Chrome browser extension requirements

  • Updated: 2022/03/22
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Install
    • RPA Workspace

Google Chrome browser extension requirements

Ensure the Automation Anywhere Google Chrome extension you are using corresponds with the Recorder package version in your bots.

Automation Anywhere has created two versions of the Google Chrome extension, based on the Recorder package version. Automation Anywhere A2019 extension version is the recommended Google Chrome extension for bots that contain actions from the Recorder package 2.0.6 and later. Automation Anywhere Google Chrome extension version 11 or 12 is required only to run bots that contain actions from the Recorder package 2.0.5 and earlier.

Use the table below to verify that your system is running the correct browser agent and Google Chrome extension.
  • Verify the browser agent in the Windows Task Manager > Details tab.
    If the browser agent is in the Task Manager, but is not running:
    1. Verify that the ComSpec variable is defined in the Environment Variables list.

      You can locate this list in My computer > Properties > Advance System Settings > Environment Variables.

    2. If the ComSpec variable is not in the list, define it by specifying the Variable Name as ComSpec and the Variable Value as %SystemRoot%\system32\cmd.exe.
  • Verify the Google Chrome extension version in chrome://extensions/.
  • If necessary, install the Google Chrome extension using the links in the table below.

Google Chrome re-verification: Google Chrome requires re-verification of permissions when the Automation Anywhere Google Chrome extension is updated. If prompted, click Enable this item in the Google Chrome message. Alternatively, re-enable the extension through the links in the table above. Similarly, if you are deploying your Bot Runners from a master image, accept the permission from within that image.

Recorder package version Browser agent Google Chrome extension and ID
2.0.5 or earlier Automation.BrowserAgent.exe Version 11 or 12

ID: jjpdebaihkangkfpbgefmnnlafkahebn

2.0.6 or later Automation.Bot.BrowserAgent.exe Version or later

ID: kammdlphdfejlopponbapgpbgakimokm

Note: If you upgrade the Bot agent version by uninstalling the Bot agent instead of directly upgrading, this also uninstalls the Google Chrome extension. In that case, you must manually reinstall the Google Chrome extension.

If you encounter an error when recording or running a bot that automates tasks in a Google Chrome browser and you have installed the Google Chrome, you must perform additional steps to configure your system. See Google Chrome extension troubleshooting.

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