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Editing a data profile

  • Updated: 2020/07/03
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Optimize
    • RPA Workspace

Editing a data profile

You can modify the data profile of both the Default and Custom Business dashboards without modifying the bots.

You can edit the data profile and regenerate the dashboard based on the new data profile. You can edit the display name of a variable, change its data type, and exclude it from the dashboard.

Bot Insight provides smart data profiling for information about countries, states, and zip or postal codes. Bot Insight analyzes the information provided in the variables and automatically identifies the information as:
  • Country (country code or country name)
  • State (state code or state name)
  • Zip code (five-digit zip code)

You can edit the data profile to convert the above parameters from numeric format to string format (country and state) based on your requirements. You can convert the zip code to either string or numeric format, and use the information to create widgets (world and US map widgets) in the Bot Insight dashboard.


  1. Open the Bot Insight dashboard.
  2. Click Profile.
    The Profile window appears, displaying all the variables that you have tagged during the bot creation.
  3. Click EDIT.
  4. Specify a new name for a variable in the Display Name field.
  5. Select an option from the Datatype drop-down list to specify a new data type for a variable.
    You can change the datatype of a numeric variable to string, string to country, state, and zip code.
    Note: Changes to the Data Type parameter cannot be reverted.
  6. Clear the Inclusion check box to exclude the variable from the dashboard. Select Inclusion to include a variable from the dashboard and configure how the initial SMART dashboard is generated.
    You can view the minimum, maximum, average, sum, and last value for the numeric values, but not for the string and timestamp variable types.
  7. Click Save and Generate Dashboard to save the changes and generate the dashboard with the updated value.
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