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Enterprise A2019 (Build 2094) Release Notes

  • Updated: 2022/03/17
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Enterprise A2019 (Build 2094) Release Notes

These release notes describe new features, changed features, fixed features, security fixes, deprecated features, and known limitations in Enterprise A2019 (Build 2094).

To verify which Bot agent version is compatible with this release, see Compatibility with Automation 360 builds.

Enterprise A2019 Build 2094

Build 2094 contains updates for the following:

New features in Build 2094

Feature Description
Migration Migrate Enterprise 11.3.x TaskBots to Enterprise A2019.
  • Run the Bot Scanner (previously called the pre-migration utility) to analyze if your Enterprise 11.x bot (currently only 11.3.1, 11.3.2, and 11.3.2.x versions are supported) can be migrated to Enterprise A2019. The utility generates a summary report in HTML format and a separate report for each bot in XML format.

    Bot Scanner overview

  • Migrate multiple TaskBots with dependent TaskBots using a single Run-as user.

    Migrate Enterprise bots

  • As part of the bot migration process, you can identify previously migrated TaskBots on the bot selection page and preview a list of the dependent TaskBots before finalizing the migration.

    Migrate Enterprise bots

  • Analyze the status of individual bot migrations and identify any unsupported commands or attributes associated with the migrated bot and its dependencies.

    View migration reports

  • Additional support is provided for packages and variables.

    Package mapping for migration

SAML 2.0 Switch an authenticated environment Control Room database to a SAML identity provider (IDP).

Set up SAML authentication

Bot Deploy API The Bot Deploy API now includes /automations/deploy and is introduced to support the runAs user feature for Bot deployment.
  • The Bot Deploy API works only in Enterprise public accounts, and not in Community Edition.
  • The API supports callback URL for environments that have both the Control Room and callback server on the same network.
Geo Presence The Geo Presence feature is a multi-tenant, secure, scalable, Cloud Control Room enhancement to securely communicate with users and Bot Runners over a customer network.
Exchange Web Services support Actions in the Email package enable users to automate email-related operations using Exchange Web Services (EWS).

Email package

Variables in place of an index or key value

Data table, dictionary, list, and record type variables can express index and key values as variables.

Variable types

Copy bot The copy bot functionality retains the metadata of the original bot, including captured images, recorded objects, called files, and child bots.

Copy a bot

Excel actions to retrieve cell, column, or row location

The following actions enable users to retrieve location information from an Excel sheet and save it to a variable.

Recorder enhancements Users can discard the most recently captured object while the Recorder is running.

Supported packages

Package Version
Node Manager 1.0.1891
Application 2.0.0-20191223-210256
Boolean 2.0.0-20191223-210258
Browser 2.0.0-20191223-210259
Clipboard 2.0.0-20191223-210308
Comment 2.0.0-20191223-210309
CSV/TXT 2.0.0-20191223-210310
Database 2.0.0-20191223-210312
DataTable 2.0.0-20191223-210802
DateTime 2.0.0-20191223-210316
Delay 2.1.0-20191223-210318
Dictionary 2.0.0-20191223-210318
DLL 2.0.0-20191223-210742
Email 2.0.0-20200114-060001
Error Handler 2.0.0-20191223-210326
Excel 2.0.0-20200107-140225
Excel_MS 2.0.0-20200107-140116
File 2.0.0-20200114-060009
Folder 2.0.0-20200114-060012
FTP/SFTP 2.0.0-20191223-210334
If/Else 2.0.0-20191223-210336
IR 2.0.0-20191223-210339
IQ Bot 2.0.0-20191031-150538
JavaScript 2.0.0-20191223-210345
Keystrokes 2.0.0-20191223-210348
List 2.0.0-20191223-210350
LogToFile 2.0.0-20191223-210350
Loop 2.0.0-20191223-210352
MessageBox 2.0.0-20191223-210352
Migration 1.1.0-20200111-070201
Mouse 2.0.0-20191223-210355
Number 2.0.0-20191223-210402
OCR 2.1.0-20191223-210525
Office 365 Excel 2.0.0-20191231-170605
Office 365 Calendar 2.0.0-20191231-170422
Office 365 OneDrive 2.0.0-20191231-170612
PDF 2.1.0-20191223-210631
PGP 2.1.0-20191223-190649
Ping 2.0.0-20191223-210634
PlaySound 2.0.0-20191223-210636
Prompt 2.0.0-20191231-130717
Python 2.0.0-20191223-210644
Recorder 2.0.1-20200111-070529
Rest 2.0.0-20191231-120639
SAP 2.1.0-20191223-210745
Screen 2.0.0-20191223-210748
SNMP 2.0.0-20191223-210752
SOAP 2.0.0-20191210-081952
String 2.0.0-20200114-110316
System 2.0.0-20191223-210800
Terminal Emulator 2.0.0-20191223-210806
VBScript 2.0.0-20191223-210809
Wait 2.0.0-20191223-210812
Window 2.0.0-20191223-210814
XML 2.0.0-20191223-210815

Changed features