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Run TaskBot to merge Excel sheets

  • Updated: 2020/06/11
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • RPA Workspace
    • Examples

Run TaskBot to merge Excel sheets

Download and run sample TaskBot from the Bot Store to merge two spreadsheets.


Complete these requirements for using the example TaskBot:
  • Microsoft Excel must reside on the Bot Runner device
  • Automation 360 Build 4088 or later
  • Excel Advanced package version 2.0.0-20200422-000103 or later
  • Two spreadsheets as input: Both sheets must have common data within column A, such as a product or customer number

You can manually create the spreadsheets with columns similar to the following tables 1 and 2. Sheet 1 has columns to append to sheet 2 where a common value resides in column A. The bot expects the file locations and names to be c:\bot_test\Spreadsheet1.xlsx and c:\bot_test\Spreadsheet2.xlsx.

Table 1
Item Number Name Count Category Unit Price Taxable Backorder Perishable Locale
A0001 Milk 15 Grocery 3 N Y Y US
A0005 Towel 4 Home 10 Y N N US
A0006 Dog Food 16 Pet 22 N N N US
A0007 Paint 43 Home 12 Y N N IN
Table 2
Item Number Name Brand Popular Unit Price TTS
A0001 Milk Wholesome Foods Y 3 1
A0002 Eggs Dairy Love Y 4 1
A0003 Flower Spring Me Up! N 10 3
A0004 Table Woods Are Us N 50 10
A0005 Towel Claire Dane N 10 6
A0006 Dog Food Purina Y 22 3
A0007 Paint Color the World N 12 2


  1. Get the Merge Excel Sheets Example bot from the Bot Store.
    The bot is automatically loaded to your Automation 360 On-Premises or Cloud environment.

    You will receive an email with instructions for installing the bot in Automation 360 from the Bot Store.

  2. Follow the instructions carefully. If you do not have the Bot Developer role assigned, contact your administrator to add the role.
  3. If your spreadsheets are not located at c:\bot_test\Spreadsheet1.xlsx and c:\bot_test\Spreadsheet2.xlsx, update lines 5 and 9 of the bot with your desktop file location.
  4. Run the TaskBot.
  5. Update the TaskBot with any changes that reflect your use case, and make it your own.
    You can also use the bot as a template for future Excel Advanced TaskBots by copying and saving it with a new name.
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