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  • Updated: 11/22/2021
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize


A pattern helps define an acceptable format for data.

Validate data in the field or table column against a specific pattern. While defining the field or column in the Design view, specify a pattern of the data in the selected field.

Specify a pattern for date, number, or text fields based on the different available patterns. Reference the tables below for common examples:

Special patterns

A special pattern consists of a Prefix, a Number Pattern, and a Suffix. Use for each is explained as follows:
  • Prefix: Any symbol or a text string that is appended before the Number Pattern.
  • Suffix: Any symbol or a text string that is appended after the Number Pattern.
  • Number Pattern: Number pattern has two parts:

    • Integer-part:

      They are represented by nines (9s).

      The 9s in the integer part represents integer pattern and separators such as commas, spaces, and so on.

    • Fractional part

      They are represented by zeros.

      If you need two fractional number, then it will be represented by two zeros.

      Specifying fractional part is optional.

      Format of numbers defined for validating numeric data.

Field Pattern Notes Description
Numeric Supported patterns

Supported format for numeric patterns:

  • Decimal (India)
  • Decimal (US, UK, Australia and others)
  • Number (India)
  • Number (US, UK, Australia and others)
  • Normal Decimal
  • Normal Number

The Numeric field supports special patterns (system recognized patterns) and regular expressions.

9,999,999.00 2,597.23
9.999.999,00 7.562.597,23
9 999 999.00 2 597.23
9 999 999,00 7 562 597,23
9999999,00 2597,23
9999999.00 7562597.23
99,99,999.00 75,26,569.56
$ 9.999.999,00 $ 7.562.597,23
$9 999 999.00 $7 562 597.23
9 999 999,00 $ 2 597,23 $
€ 9999999,00 € 7562597,23
€9999999.00 €7562597.23
99,99,999.00 € 75,62,597.23€
EUR 9,999,999.00 EUR 7,562,597.23
EUR9 999 999.00 EUR7 562 597.23
9999999,00 EUR 62597,23 EUR
9.999.999.00 62.986.51
9, 999, 999. 00 232, 510. 68

IQ Bot supports prefixes and suffixes to make processing and validation of data easier. Specifying a suffix and prefix in the pattern and in the numeric fields is optional. Even if you do not specify the suffix or prefix, IQ Bot auto corrects and includes the required currency symbols and units of measure for the numeric fields as prefix or suffix. If you specify the currency symbols and units of measurements in the pattern and in the numeric data, IQ Bot deletes the currency symbol and unit of measure from the data.

Note: IQ Bot automatically recognizes these currency symbols: $, ¥, £, ₹, €, Rs, USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, GBP, and INR. We recommend specifying valid currency symbols in the data.

Auto Correction for date and number fields

This is one of the built-in features of IQ Bot for date and number format types. It performs automatic validation and correction based on the defined pattern , even when the date/number in the scanned document is incorrect.

Note: Auto correction is only supported for special patterns.

The following table illustrates the auto-correction of an incorrect date and numbers by IQ Bot.

Incorrect OCR value Pattern Auto-Correction Description

12 F3B 2 0 1 5

15 10-2015

dd mmm yyyy


12 FEB 2015


In the first example, IQ Bot auto corrects incorrect OCR "F3B" to "FEB".

In the second example, IQ Bot auto corrects "15 10-2015" to"15-10-2015".


123 4567






In the first example, the extra space between "3" and "4" is deleted after validation against the pattern.

In the second example, the alphabet "S" is corrected as "5".

Note: English language numeric value with at least one digit to the left and two consecutive digits to the right (for example, 1.23) gets auto corrected if there is a space found between the decimal and the digits. For example, values 1 . 23 or 1. 23 or 1 .23 get auto corrected to 1.23.

To use this feature, add Pattern (in validation options) to the selected date and number format fields.

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