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IQ Bot Extraction package

  • Updated: 2022/06/17
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • IQ Bot

IQ Bot Extraction package

Capability to automatically extract values provides enhanced content extraction from invoices.

Learning instance is an IQ Bot environment that enables you to train sample documents for content extraction. By constantly refining the learning instance, you can achieve a high content extraction accuracy before deploying the learning instance across a production environment.

IQ Bot Extraction package combines learning instance (new or existing) and a pretrained machine learning model to automatically extract content. The pretrained machine learning model uses data points to extract content from the supported document types. By providing additional training to an existing learning instance, you can extract content from other document types as well.

Note: Previously, when extracting invoice data, IQ Bot Extraction used two models : learning instance group-based training and a pretrained machine learning model. The pretrained machine learning model has been deprecated in favor of faster data extraction. This deprecation of the pretrained machine learning model can produce varying results depending on the type of document used for extraction. For example, after extraction, some documents were previously sent to straight-through processing (STP) in some scenarios, but the same documents can now go to the Validator. To move your bots from the IQ Bot Extraction package to Document Workspace, see Move from IQ Bot Extraction package to Document Automation.

The following diagram shows the IQ Bot Extraction package workflow:

IQ Bot Extraction workflow

Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Partner Enablement Manager (PEM) for more information on the high level architecture, design and folder structure.

High level architecture, design overview, folder structure of IQ Bot Extraction package (A-People login required)

IQ Bot Extraction package provides the following extraction methods:

Content extraction with minimum training

The IQ Bot Extraction package is designed to extract values with minimum training from specific document type such as an invoice or purchase order.
Note: For this content extraction method, ensure you always use the ABBYY FineReader Engine OCR 12.4 engine.

Consider a scenario where you want extract sales data from various invoices. Create a learning instance by selecting a pretrained domain or document type used to extract data. In this scenario, you can select the document type as invoice, which provides a set of preset fields for content extraction. Ensure you upload a sample invoice document as a reference. Additional training of the learning instance group is not required. Use the IQ Bot Extraction package to link this learning instance to a bot. You can then run this bot to retrieve sales data based on the preset fields for various invoices.

Enhanced extraction with additional training

The IQ Bot Extraction package uses a combination of backend engine with IQ Bot server for enhanced document extraction. You can use an existing learning instance to provide additional training for all the available document groups. By customizing the various fields and validation settings of the learning instance group, you can use this package content extraction across other document types.

Important: This package is not available as part of the standard Automation 360 IQ Bot installation. To download and install this package, perform these steps:
  1. Download the package from the Automation Anywhere support site. The package is a .jar file available in the IQ Bot Installation Setup folder.

    A-People Downloads page (Login required)

  2. Upload the package to Control Room.

    Add packages to the Control Room

Before you start

  • Ensure you create a learning instance using a supported OCR.
  • Select documents with common layouts.

    The preset model contains logical group. It is important to select an existing group for default validation rules to avoid documents with errors in the Success folder.

  • Ensure that the Bot agent version is not older than the previous two versions.

    For example, if you upgrade to Automation 360 v.23 Build 11513 (On-Premises), ensure that the Bot agent version is not older than 21.82.10342.

    See Bot agent compatibility.

Action in the IQ Bot Extraction package

The following action is available to build a bot for extracting data:
Action Description
IQ Bot Extraction See Using IQ Bot Process documents action.

Watch the following video to understand how to use the IQ Bot Extraction package:

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