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Automation 360 IQ Bot

  • Updated: 2022/03/28
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Automation 360 IQ Bot

Automate document-centric business processes, end to end, by using IQ Bot, a web-based, Cloud-native intelligent document processing solution that can read and process complex documents and email. This solution combines RPA with AI techniques to extract and classify semi-structured and unstructured data.

Automation 360 IQ Bot is a hybrid solution for On-Premises and Cloud deployments.

Note: From Build 4695 (A2019.13), Automation 360 IQ Bot has feature parity with IQ Bot Version and some features from Version 11.3.5. For feature parity information between Automation 360 IQ Bot and the corresponding IQ Bot 11.x versions, see Automation 360 IQ Bot feature comparison matrix.


The technologies of IQ Bot and RPA together constitute cognitive automation. With cognitive automation, IQ Bot extracts semi-structured and unstructured data and converts it into structured data, and RPA bots subsequently use this structured data for automating business processes.

IQ Bot works by using learning instances. A learning instance is a structure that holds information such as document type, language, and fields to be extracted from tables and forms. A learning instance also includes bots that are trained to extract data from documents.

IQ Bot is also supported by RPA bots that are built for functions such as training the Classifier, sharpening document resolution, and downloading the extracted data.

After the bots in a learning instance are trained and the necessary RPA bots are built, a learning instance is set to production mode. After that, IQ Bot can start processing documents automatically, through the following steps:
  1. Retrieves documents from a source, such as attachments in incoming email
  2. Improves document quality
  3. Classifies documents into groups
  4. Extracts data
  5. Either downloads the extracted data or first sends the document for manual validation and then downloads the data

Types of IQ Bot users

In many organizations, different types of users perform specific tasks within their product area to create, configure, and publish a learning instance and the supporting assets. To learn more about the user types, required licenses, roles, and permissions, and the assigned product areas, see IQ Bot user personas.

The following diagram demonstrates the sequence of how a learning instance and supporting assets are built, as well as which user performs which task.

Five user personas contribute to IQ Bot: the Bot Builder creates RPA bots to support learning instance functions, the Data Engineer configures the learning instance, the Admin migrates the learning instance between environments, the Psuedo-user runs the automation, and the Validator performs manual data validation where needed.

Get started with learning instances

Perform the following these steps to create a learning instance, train bots, and set the bots to production:

Build RPA bots for IQ Bot

The following links guide you in configuring RPA bots to support IQ Bot functions.


For more information, review the courses in the IQ Bot Developer learning trail: IQ Bot Developer Training (A-People login required).

You can also search for the following courses in Automation Anywhere University: RPA Training and Certification (A-People login required):
  • Intelligent Document Processing with IQ Bot
  • Unleash Your Intelligent Bots: Develop Cognitive Bots Driven by AI & Machine Learning (IQ Bot)
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