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Set up your Document Automation environment

  • Updated: 2022/09/14
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize

Set up your Document Automation environment

Document Automation is installed simultaneously with the Control Room. Configure the users, roles, and devices, and connect the Control Room with Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface.


  1. Log in to Document Automation through the Control Room.
    You will receive an email from Automation Anywhere with your URL and credentials. Open the Control Room URL in your browser, enter your credentials in the login screen, and click Log in.
  2. Upload the Document Extraction package to the Control Room: Upload the IQ Bot packages to the Control Room
  3. Create a custom role: Create a custom role for Document Automation
  4. Create the users necessary to complete the end-to-end process of creating and publishing a learning instance: Document Automation users
    Note: For the Unattended Bot Runner user, provide the device credentials. You will connect the Unattended Bot Runner to the device in the next step.
  5. Configure the unattended Bot Runner user device and device pool to allow the learning instance to function in public mode:
    1. Using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), open the virtual machine where the unattended Bot Runner will run.
    2. Log in to the Control Room as the Admin user you created previously.
    3. Navigate to Manage > Devices and click Connect local device. Follow the steps in the wizard to connect the Control Room to your device.
    4. Click Refresh to verify that your device is connected.
    5. Click Create device pool and perform the following steps:
      1. Enter a name for the device pool.
      2. Click Devices and then the arrow to move the device to the Selected column.
      3. Click Consumers and then the arrow to move aari-document-processor to the Selected column.
      4. Click Create device pool.

You can perform the following steps in the virtual machine or you can return to your device. If you perform the following steps on your device, ensure that you log in to the Control Room as the Admin user.

  1. Open Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface to connect it with the Control Room.
    1. Navigate to the AARI interface by adding /aari after your assigned Control Room URL.
    2. Navigate to Manage > Process > Global scheduler and click Edit.
    3. Select the Scheduler user that you created previously and click Save.
      The following message is displayed: Secure connection between AARI Web and Enterprise Control Room established successfully
  2. Create a team in AARI to grant the Validator user access to the documents awaiting validation.
    1. Navigate to Manage > Team > Create new team.
    2. Enter a team name.
    3. Select the Shared request visibility.
    4. In the Users field, add the Validator user that you created previously and click Save.

Next steps

Log in to the Control Room as the Learning instance creator user and begin creating learning instances: Using Document Automation

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