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Record a Discovery Bot process using AARI Assistant

  • Updated: 2022/02/24
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • Discovery Bot

Record a Discovery Bot process using AARI Assistant

Use AARI Assistant to record Discovery Bot business processes without signing in to the Control Room.


  • Before using the Discovery Bot recorder, ensure that you have set your device credentials and installed the latest version of the Bot Agent on your machine.
    Note: The Bot Agent installation will load the AARI icon on your desktop.
  • Ensure that the machine on which you will be performing the recordings is also duly registered.

    Prerequisites for Discovery Bot

  • Ensure that your browser settings allow redirects and pop-ups from your browser to access the Control Room.


  1. Double-click the AARI icon to open the AARI Assistant.
  2. Use Automation 360 credentials to sign in to the application.
  3. Click Processes.
    The Recording Processes page appears, displaying all the processes assigned and available to the user.
  4. When you want to start recording a process, click Start recording.
    A message window appears, notifying you that you are now recording and sharing your screen. The Discovery Bot Recorder window is displayed with Pause and Stop options. Pause and resume the recording as required. The first time you begin recording a process, the recorder might take a few minutes to start recording.
  5. Perform the actions to record.
  6. To end the recording, click Stop.
    You will be redirected to the Control Room to review and edit your recording before you submit it. Record a Discovery Bot business process
  7. To review the steps of previous recordings and submit them, click Previous recordings.
    You will be redirected to the Control Room to review the recordings.
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