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Validate documents in Document Automation

  • Updated: 2022/08/18
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize

Validate documents in Document Automation

If a learning instance cannot extract data from a document (for example, blurry text, data does not match data type, or data is missing for a required field), it sends that document to the validation queue, where the Validator user manually provides the data.


The learning instance assets must be checked-in to the public repository.

The Validator is comprised of two panels with the document on the left side and the fields with extracted data on the right side.

In a window that is 1280 pixels or more, the panels are positioned side-by-side. Otherwise, the panel containing the fields and extracted data shifts below the panel containing the document, as demonstrated in this video:

Note: If a document contains tables with large number of rows or data fields (>1000), there might be a delay in the initial validation and the corresponding response time.


  1. Log in as the Validator user.
  2. From the Control Room home page, navigate to Manage > Learning Instances.
    The Learning instances table displays details for each instance. The value in the Validate documents link indicates the number of documents awaiting manual validation.
  3. Click Validate documents.
    The AARI Task Manager opens in a new tab, with the first failed document in queue. For an introduction to the Validator user interface, see Using the AARI Task Manager Validator for Document Automation.
  4. Provide correct values to the fields that need validation.
    See these steps in a video:

    1. Select Show fields that need validation from the drop-down list in the right panel.
    2. Click the field to extract.
    3. In the document image, click the blue-bounded box containing the correct data or draw a box around the data you want to extract.
      • To skip a document without correcting its errors, click Skip to proceed to the next document in the validation queue.
      • To remove a document that cannot be processed, click Mark as Invalid.
  5. After you make the necessary corrections, click Submit so the document can be processed and the extracted data downloaded.
    The extracted values are saved to a file in the Success folder. The Validator shows the next document in queue. When all documents are corrected, the system displays a message stating that there are no more tasks available.
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