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Edit an AARI process

  • Updated: 2022/09/20
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • AARI

Edit an AARI process

This task shows you how to edit a process to create a process key, set a default team, as well as enable the option to delete a process.


  1. Log in to the web interface.
  2. Navigate to Manage > Process.
  3. Click on an available process.
    This opens the Edit Process page in the General tab.
  4. Specify a name in the Process name field.
  5. Optional: Specify the description in the Description field.
  6. Enter a customer key (if applicable) in the Process key field.
    Important: The process key must be one to five characters long and in alphabetical order. The process key can only be defined once, and after when the process key is defined, it cannot be modified later by the user.
  7. Add tags to your process in the Tags field.
  8. Specify the team in the Default team field.
    By default the first team that is added to the process is automatically set as the default team. You can change the team by selecting from the drop-down menu.
    Important: A default team cannot be deleted from a process. For the admin to remove a default team (e.g. Team 1) , they would need to set another team (e.g. Team 2) as the default team, then remove the original team (e.g. Team 1) from the process.

    Ex: You can select Recruitment Director in the drop-down menu.

  9. Choose between the by user and by bot in the Request creation field.
  10. In the Request retention field:
    • Select Disabled, Immediate, or Custom from the first drop-down menu to specify whether the completed request is moved from the Request page to the Recycle bin.
      For example, you can select Disabled to prevent your requests from being moved to the Recycle bin or select Immediate for all current completed requests to be moved without delay.
      Note: When you select the Immediate option, it can take a maximum time of one hour before the request is moved to the Recycle bin.
    • Select Immediate or Custom from the second drop-down menu to specify the number of days when the requests is permanently deleted in the Recycle bin.

      Ex: You can select the Custom option and specify 30 to represents thirty days when the request is deleted in the Recycle bin.

    • Select the check box option to allow open request to be moved to the Recycle bin.
  11. Click Close.
    Your settings are saved automatically.
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